9-1-1 Verses

I want to say how much I’ve enjoyed posting my thoughts about my daily devotions.  It has helped me to put God’s Word in my own heart.  The words of the Bible come to life when I can communicate what those words mean to me.  I’ve enjoyed reading the posts of others on WordPress.  I love it when people write from their heart, and don’t hold back the hard and difficult details.

That is why I LOVE the Bible.  It is full of stories that include the difficult details.  People just like me, but in a different period of time, wrote about the things they were going through. When I read of others who are experiencing some of the same circumstances I am, I can relate to them.  But more than that, I can learn from them. I can understand objectively by looking at the situation from the outside, and gain wisdom from how they handled their problems.  If we don’t talk about problems, how can we use our experiences to help others?

The Bible is about faith in our Creator, God. He shows us through illustrations of real people and events, His holiness, expectations from us, His mercy, and love. Because we are broken, sinful people, God accepted one perfect sacrifice on our behalf, then He raised Him from the dead, and allowed Jesus to sit at His right hand to intercede on our behalf.  What a loving God!

I am a sinner, and needed a Savior.  I have been forgiven of so much! That is why I love God so much!  Although I don’t want to, I still sin, because I am not perfect – yet.  What helps me have hope, is that I have a 9-1-1 verse.  It tells me when I confess my sins, God is faithful and just to forgive my sins, and He will cleanse me from all unrighteousness.  That is 1 John 1:9 in case you need a 9-1-1 verse too.  (It is 9-1-1 backwards for easy reference.)

My other emergency verse is Psalm 119:11; Thy Word have I hid in my heart, that I might not sin against Thee.  If we know what God is revealing to us, it is easier to know the right thing to do.

It is tough world out there, and our battle isn’t against flesh and blood.  The Bible talks about our armor as being salvation, faith, God’s Word, righteousness, truth, and feet prepared to walk in peace. That’s the best protection from everything out there,  I have put my armor on, and hope you have too. If you fail, just use 9-1-1.



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