Before I write about my devotions today, I want to share that God led me beside some still waters. I went for a hike into to a beautiful mountain lake this weekend.  Here are some pictures.  

Mountain Lake

Mountain Lake

Beside Still Waters

Beside Still Waters

Just looking at the water gave me such a calm, and feeling of closeness to  the Lord.

I hiked in with my husband, and a friend, to visit my son who was having fun with his youth group.  They were having a great time, playing Frisbee, making a raft out of logs, eating, sitting around the campfire, and enjoying the companionship of other believers. 

Now, for a message that is salt and light, in a world that needs the real message, I listened to my devotions on YouTube.  It was a speech by Franklin Graham.  

He talked about not being cowardly, as cowards, and the fearful, will not enter the kingdom of heaven, according to Revelation, Chapter 21, verse 8. You can listen to Franklin’s message at:

This is a real message, not watered down, so if you are offended easily, you might not want to watch it.  It offers hope to sinners. His message has always been that we are sinners in need of a Savior.  We do not want to stay in our sins, and we need to know what sin is, so we can be forgiven.  He really spoke to me, when he said that being fearful, and cowardly is a sin too.  We need to stand up, and present the truth, even if it means we will experience persecution for doing so.

Stand firm in the Lord, and in His mighty power.



2 thoughts on “Cowards

    • It was a beautiful lake! Do you remember the lake we took Ken and you to? It was close to that one. Dan was having a great time with his youth group. They caught a lot of fish! Thanks for commenting.


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