Miracle of Water into Wine

Although I don’t fully understand it, this story of the first miracle that Jesus performed is told in John 2:7-10.  There is a wedding feast, and the wine runs out.  Mary, the mother of Jesus tells Him there is no wine.  Jesus seems to rebuke her at first, and says His hour has not yet come. Still, He performs this miracle.

Mary believes Jesus will do something, and she tells the servants to do whatever Jesus tells them. There are six clay or stone pots, used for ceremonial cleansing or purifying of the Jews. They can each hold 20 to 30 gallons of liquid, and the servants are told to fill them with water.  They fill them to the brim. Then, some of the water is dipped out, and given to the governor of the feast. He calls the bridegroom, and tells him that usually the good wine is brought first, and after people have drunk well, then the wine that is worse is brought out. The governor tells him that this last wine is the best wine, better than the first. 

Wine cannot be made with just water by any normal means. There is sugar and yeast added to increase fermentation of the base ingredient.  Then, you have to wait a while to let it ferment, it might be days or weeks.  Last, it is bottled, and stored to continue to ripen until ready, months or years later.  So, this is a real miracle.  The base liquid is water, immediately after filling the jars to the brim, it was dipped out and given to the governor of the feast.  

Something that stood out to me, is that the jars used were for the purifying of the Jews. It also struck me that Jesus does miracles when we are empty, broken, weak, and when nothing and no one else can help. Then, He displays his power and glory. In this case, He was providing for the wedding guests, and helping them to continue enjoying the celebration of this happy marriage.

Towards the end of Jesus’s life, just before He was crucified, Jesus drinks wine at the Passover Feast.  When He shares the wine with His disciples, He tells them it represents His blood that was shed for them. There must be a symbolic truth to that first wine miracle that correlates with this wine at the Last Supper?   

Jesus also said that He wouldn’t drink of the vine again, until the kingdom of God has come. We will enjoy that great celebration in heaven with our bridegroom, Jesus, and the last will be very good!

Lord, help us to fill our wine skins with this new wine, – your blood that was shed for us.  Cleanse and purify us, and make us holy, so that we can enjoy that wonderful celebration with You, when God’s kingdom comes. 



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