Alone With God

Middle Sister Lookout

Middle Sister Lookout

Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed. Mark 1:35

One of the things in my life that I have enjoyed the most has been my alone time with God.  

I worked as a fire detection lookout for seven seasons. I lived in a wooden cabin encompassed with glass windows, perched high on a wooden frame on top of a seven-thousand-foot high mountain peak. Like Jesus, I would rise up early, at the first light, and take a walk in solitude, and talk with God.   

One summer, for a couple weeks, a fire fighter filled in for me, so I could attend my mom’s funeral.  When I returned, and saw him at the end of the season, he told me that he admired my ability to stay up in the lookout, because for him, he did not enjoy being alone with his thoughts.  

After eating, reading, playing solitaire, with no electricity, or running water, or all the conveniences of home, it is hard to entertain yourself.  At times, I felt like this fire fighter too. My thoughts would revert to loneliness, guilt, past mistakes, discouragement, and despair.  I would listen to a Christian radio station that I could get without much static.  Sometimes it was encouraging, but sometimes it was depressing.

When I could focus my thoughts on God alone, and all the magnificent beauty that surrounded me, and think of how amazing God is, I was content and satisfied.  I prayed about past mistakes I’d made, for the guilt and shame of things I had done, and I prayed for other people that were on my mind, for healing and help. A lot of that time though, was spent thanking God.  Can you imagine the smell of pine, seeing soft, colorful, fragrant flowers, the moose, elk, deer, and the amazing colorful sunsets and sunrises, and so much more?  Only a loving Creator could provide such a “garden” on earth for us to enjoy.  

Every day I would walk out on the catwalk of the lookout and appreciate the beauty that was before me.  The low fog that hung in the mountains like a river, the sounds of the elk bugling in the fall, the sweet smell of sap and pine that wafted through the clean mountain air, and the beautiful mountain heather, Indian Paintbrush, Fire Weed, Yarrow, the colors of the flowers were like a sunset on the ground. I saw bears, mountain lions, moose, elk, deer, grouse, wild turkeys, pine martins, owls, and numerous other kinds of birds and wildlife.  There were bluebirds, western tanagers, hawks, eagles, osprey, magpies, and more.  

When I could just enjoy my time with God, I was overcome with how enormously beautiful He must be to create so much extravagance. There are no words to describe it!

Just like in the beginning with the Garden of Eden, to walk with God, to feel His presence, it is something I yearn and long for.  I think everyone should take time to be with God, to see His handiwork displayed. His fingerprints are everywhere, and He is awesome!

Thank You God for allowing me, in the solitude of the mountains, to spend time with You.  You are awesome, and I am in wonder of Your creation.  Thank You for designing the most interesting things.  No words can truly describe Your beauty. You are a great Creator! I can’t wait to see what is being prepared for us!



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