Training Children in the Way they Should Go

I really enjoyed Reba McEntire’s, “Pray for Peace” music video. Hope you do to.

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.  Proverbs 22:6

I am truly grieved at the state our country is in with regards to raising up children in the way they should go. Public Schools are using kids for a platform of political agendas.

It is so important to teach correct principals to kids out of love, and to teach by example.  Maybe we do need to go back in time to see the great family values that were taught.  People worked hard, played hard, and prayed hard. Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic are wonderful things for a child to learn, but what about teaching them brotherly kindness, respect for the elderly, and love for God?

If we do not give them the knowledge they really need, we have failed miserably. Great things can be accomplished by great people who love a great God.

It has to start somewhere, and the principals of God, through the Bible are a wonderful way to start teaching.  Our family has read, “Little Visits With God”, “Family Devotional”, “Duck Commander Devotional”, “Little Visits With Jesus”, and more, for family devotions, from the time my son was a baby.  We took a Bible study offered by Your Story Hour.  We listened to tapes of Dan and Louie ,over and over again, on long car rides, and at night, before bed.  We listened to Adventures in Odyssey on Christian Radio, and to Ranger Bill on Saturday mornings. These stories were exciting dramas, and made learning about God very interesting and enjoyable.

Along with those books and radio programs, we home-schooled our son, using a Christian curriculum. We used Christian Light Publications, Alpha-Omega, and Rod and Staff. We read books during the summer of adventures like Huckleberry Finn, Tom Sawyer, Hank the Cow Dog, and The Grasshopper Trap.  These were family, fun, entertaining books, not necessarily Christian, but moral, good, family books.

We took trips together, experienced pain and joy together, and spent quality time with each other. 

We played games like Uncle Wiggly, Monopoly, Trouble, Checkers, and Chess. We camped together, swam together, went sledding, and skiing together.  We learned together when we went to the library, to museums, and for field trips.

I will have yet to see the fruit of our family time because my son is a teenager, and is still growing into adulthood.  I stand on faith that he will not depart from the ways we have taught him.  My prayers for him are that he will always have a desire for God.

My son is far from perfect because he is human.  I am impressed at his kindness and knowledge, and his desire to know God, and his willingness to learn. 

My son was baptized last year at a youth group he attended called “One Way”.  He chose to do that all on his own, and invited his parents after he had already made plans.  I was so blessed to be able to witness his baptism.  

I pray for wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and perseverance, to train up my child in the way he should go.  Thank you God for giving us a desire for You, and to know You better each day.



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