“B” Attitudes

The teaching of Jesus in Matthew, Chapter 5, is referred to as the “B” Attitudes.  The word “Blessed” is defined as happy, holy, consecrated, those who live with God in heaven.

My devotions were about one verse in particular, “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God. Matthew 5:8.

The author spoke about letting worry cause him to lose his way.  He said that if he focused on what was good and pure, he would truly see God working around him. (Jon Gimber, from Duck Commander Devotional, is the author I’m referring to.)

I think of the story of, “The Hiding Place”, where Betsy says, during this horrific time, that she wishes it would all go away, but it won’t, so she has to take action. Their family takes in Jewish refugees who are fleeing from persecution. I feel like Betsy sometimes. I wish all the troubles would just go away, but they won’t, so what will my attitude be?

“The Hiding Place” is based on a true story.  Betsy died in a concentration camp of illness when her family was arrested by the Germans.  Betsy shared God’s message of salvation with other women in the barracks of the camp. Many of those women wanted to know how Betsy could believe in a God that would allow such tragedy.  She told them if they only knew Him as she did, they would love Him too.

Betsy was a good example of a “pure heart”.  She took action, and helped her fellow man.  When she was persecuted, she shared the gospel.  She physically died, but because of her faith, and because we know that God will do what He says, we know she is with the Lord in Heaven.

Her life and attitude changed many cold hearts, including that of her sister’s, Corrie.  Corrie could have chosen to let bitterness, hate, wrath, and anger destroy her life.  She changed her attitude in the concentration camp, and chose to love, as Betsy loved.  She was let out of prison on a clerical error, and went on to preach the gospel everywhere. Many people were saved because she had the right attitude, a “Blessed” attitude.

Lord, help me to have a right attitude, and give me a pure heart. Help me to be merciful. Thank You!

If you have the time, it is a long movie to watch, but the full version of  “The Hiding Place” is posted on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gc7gEbTMZP8



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