Jesus Wept

Jesus wept. John 11:35

This is the shortest verse in the Bible, but it says so much!

Lazarus was dead. Mary and Martha were his sisters. They were weeping and grieving. Jesus was moved, and He groaned within Himself, as he approached Lazarus’s tomb.  

Jesus knew that God would hear Him.  He knew that He had the power to raise Lazarus from the grave, even after being dead for four days. He still wept with those who were grieving.

Jesus told the people to take away the stone from the tomb.  Mary tried to dissuade the Lord, saying that Lazarus would smell bad. She didn’t think that was a good idea, but Jesus persisted. 

The stone was rolled away, and Jesus called to Lazarus to “Come Forth!”. I want to jump for joy!  I smile as I read that Lazarus came forth in all his graveclothes, and with a napkin on his face. He walked out of the tomb, to the amazement of all who saw Those who were watching were commanded by Jesus to loose him.  I have a tingle of apprehension, because I would be somewhat afraid to approach Lazarus to remove those cloths that bound him!

How could you not believe in Jesus after this miraculous event — to see this with your own eyes; to smell the stench of death; to hear Jesus’s powerful commanding voice; to touch the gravecloths; to taste the sweet savor of life renewed?  Every one of your senses would be stimulated by Jesus’s miracle in raising the dead to life.

Some people believed in Jesus that day, but others ran to the Pharisees. When the religious leaders heard what Jesus did, they didn’t have joy or compassion. They believed Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, and had power over death itself, but It made them afraid. They were scared they would lose their position with the Roman government. They were afraid they would lose their nation. They were afraid Jesus would do so many miracles, that everyone would believe in Him. They would lose their status. They sought to kill Jesus from that moment on.

How sad that the Lord Jesus, the very one who had such compassion, love, and power to do good, would be sought out to be killed. It is so sorrowful that many people today, will not accept Jesus because they are not willing to give up their own power and position, and experience the new life that Jesus could give them. 

I read this small verse with so many thoughts. Words cannot fully describe the miracle that happened with Lazarus. Jesus was showing us that He has the power over all things. He has the power to forgive, heal, restore, and deliver from even death itself! He was showing His deep love, by grieving with those who were experiencing the pain of loss. When we are dead in our sins and grief, and our grave clothes are keeping us bound from experiencing life, Jesus is the only one who can loose us!

Thank You Jesus for what You’ve done. There is no one else who can save us from our sins, and deliver us.  When You speak, everything is under your command.  I love You! Thank You!



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