Writing 101, A Room with a View

It’s night, and after the long plane ride, I am ready for rest. I don’t know where I’m going and the Island is bigger than I expected. Even this time of night, the traffic is heavy. The directions weren’t clear, and after a few wrong turns, I end up at the designated place.

I enter the main building after parking the rental car. It is very cute, and the smell of the salt water nearby penetrates  my sense of smell, and my soul. The air is moist, and the reservationist is friendly as he tells me how to get to my room, gives me the keys, and informs me of local stores and activities. He sees I am weary, and politely ends the conversation.

I head out the door, and start the car to travel down a steep downhill driveway. It descends a little too steep, but this only gives me a sense of more adventure. The night is black, but lights focus on the foliage, and the soft fragrance of sweet flowers wafts through the night air.

In the blackness, it is hard to find the steps, but I reach the glass doors, find the lock, open the entry way, turn on the lights, and am so pleased. The beds are inviting, the room is beautiful. There is a small sink, refrigerator, and hot plate. I get ready for bed, and melt into the mattress, as I put the soft covers over my lifeless body. I rest, and sleep better that I ever have before.

I awake to the call of a rooster. It is morning.  I step from the slumber of my overly comfortable bed, and head out to the lanai. The flowers are white, and the scent is tantalizing. They have pretty pink centers, Plumeria flowers! The large green leaves of other foliage make me feel as though I am in a jungle. The view is of a smooth glassy bay. Again the smell of the sea is inviting.

I get dressed and take out one of the kayaks, along with some snorkel gear. I head out, paddling across the shallow reef, watching sea creatures from the kayak. Then I stop, step out of the kayak, and put on my snorkel gear. I can’t believe the beautiful tropical fish that I am seeing. It is like a surreal experience. I almost have to pinch myself to see if this isn’t a dream.

I could stay out here all day, and watch the creatures that fascinate me. A sting ray quickly darts past me. Colorful sea urchins hide in the cracks of the coral. Star fish also stick solidly to the hard surface beneath the water. I can see the end of the coral reef, and the edge drops off quickly. The water is deep, and it is here, that I stop my searching for all the interesting sea critters.

The deep looks too dark, so I head back to the more inviting area of the bay. It is time to travel back to shore. My water adventures will continue, but for now, I have to get some of the delicious food that I know will be waiting for me. The fish will be fresh, along with the coconuts and papayas. I am in paradise.



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