Writing 101: 3 Most Important Songs

I have always had a soft spot for country music. I love hymns and songs, and music in general. It lifts the soul, and makes you feel good if it uplifting music. I have so many songs I love to hear, so this is a hard assignment to think of three of my favorite or most meaningful songs.

I love the song, “Forever and Ever, Amen” by Randy Travis. It talks about the kind of love I wish to have — that forever kind of love that survives the storms of life. It has a great melody, and Randy Travis’s voice is like icing on the cake. I could listen to it over and over.

I also am encouraged by songs that have meaning like Teddy Bear, by Red Sovine. Since my husband drives truck, I think of songs like this one. Even though it is pretty old, it is still timeless in meaning. It is a song about a little boy with disabilities, and he has a Citizen’s Band radio to talk to truckers. It belonged to his dad, but his dad died, and his mom works to pay the bills. He used to ride with his dad, and tells the truckers who are listening, that he would like to ride again, someday.

The happy part is where the truckers, who hear the boy, line up their rigs to give him a ride. No words can express the happiness they gave the little boy. It is a song about compassion, caring, and kindness. It is about what love can do to make someone’s day a lot brighter. It is about love in action.

“In the Garden” is a Christian song that has touched me many times, and brought me to tears. It was sung at my mom’s funeral. I think of her walking in that garden where she can hear the voice of Jesus, and walk with Him there. “He walks with me, and He talks with me, and He tells me that I am His own.” The words encourage me to feel the presence of Jesus.

As I walk the dogs, and go up on the trails behind our home, I think of this song, hearing the sweet voice of the Lord. His melody that no one else but me can hear in a special way. This beautiful song is about that quiet time with God that I yearn for.


3 thoughts on “Writing 101: 3 Most Important Songs

  1. I like your reasons for choosing those songs. I’m a little confused though. In some of your postings you indicate you’re in high school or college, and single. In this post you said you hoped to someday find that forever kind of love that lasts through all of the trials. Then you indicated you are married. But I love your blog. Keep writing.


    • I’m sorry, I don’t remember writing that I am single. I am married, and the mother of a teenager, and I teach eleventh grade home school classes. Hope that clears things up. I’ve been married twenty-two years, and am the big 5-0 in age. I spend a lot of time alone though, as my husband drives truck over-the-road. I probably won’t feel that true love, eternal kind of love, until I am with the Lord. His love is the only kind that can weather the storms, and be the true love of my life. (It is in a spiritual way). Thanks for the comment, and for letting me know of the confusion.


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