Knowledge and Wisdom

My son invited me to a church service where his youth group was helping with the service. One of his friends was able to give the sermon, “The Importance of Wisdom”.

This was such an inspiring message, especially from a teen!  He spoke about how knowledge is like learning a new word in a dictionary, and wisdom was applying the word in your speech. It was the the action one did with knowledge.

He spoke about how we can have all the knowledge in the world, and still do foolish things because we don’t have wisdom.

We should seek for wisdom more than treasure, more than wealth. If we became wealthy through knowledge, we might use that money foolishly, with drinking, drugs, or other things. If one has wisdom, he has the ability to use wealth and information wisely.

Two young ladies performed the song that they composed and wrote, and if I had video taped, or recorded them, I think there would be some music managers wanting to promote them. They sang, “Do Not Fear”, and had the voices of angels.

I also was able to witness a beautiful baptism. The young preacher told the parishioners that baptism isn’t what saves us, but is an outward sign that we acknowledge Christ as our Savior, and we are making a public confession to serve Him, and become a new person in Christ.

The young lady who was baptized was so sincere in her confession of the Lord. What a joy to witness a young person’s desire to follow Jesus!

I was fasting today, and I took a walk, and prayed. I think this young lady who was baptized will make a big impact on the world for Christ. I think she is going to help people to see the love of the Lord in such a wonderful, life-changing way.

Lord, I pray for all Your children, that You will give them the full armor of God so that they can extinguish the fiery darts of evil that is around them. I pray they would run the faith race with their eyes on the goal for the prize of eternal life with You. Protect us and keep us in Your care.

Thank You!



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