Writing 101: Death to Adverbs

Today’s twist: write an adverb-free post. If you’d rather not write a new post, revisit and edit a previous one: excise your adverbs and replace them with strong, precise verbs. (This is the assignment for Day 8 of 15)

The dogs panted. We clamored over rocks and stumps. The afternoon sun encouraged the warm wind to blow.

Flowers danced in the autumn breeze. Pine trees waved their fresh scent. The dry grasses rustled. A stellar jay squawked.

The path curled in a serpentine pattern. Fall colors red-stamped the berry bushes. A wild turkey cried. The dogs took to chasing it! I sped my pace!

Feathers flew! I yelled at the dogs. They stopped at the authority in my voice. The turkey lived. Yikes! That frightened me. I thought, poor bird!

I prayed for the turkey. It shook with shock. The turkey regained strength, stood, and ate a fly. It recovered. Joy returns to me. Our journey continues.


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