Writing 101: Dark Clouds on the (Virtual ) Horizon

Today’s twist: include an element of foreshadowing in the beginning of your post.

She had one blue and one brown eye, and she sauntered up the driveway, hypnotizing my son into loving her. He saw her unique facial features, and had to come and get me to see her too.

The last thing I wanted was a dog. I told my young son that there was no way we were having a dog. He said that he knew that, but just wanted me to see her. I took a look, and said she was cute, but she had to go home. I walked back into the house, not realizing that I had left my son with that conniving dog.

I had two dogs for over fifteen years, and they had passed away from old age the previous year. I missed them dearly, but was actually glad for a clean house, no more doggy muddy footprints, no more shedding of hair, no more daily feeding, walks, or brushing. I was free from being a slave to dogs. I had more time for travel, more time for my son, and I loved my year of freedom.

With the arrival of this red and white Australian Shepherd, with different-colored eyes, I was pushing my son very hard to get her to go home. No luck. I put signs up all over the neighborhood, with pictures of her, telling my neighbors to come and pick up their lost dog.

I also had another dog problem where a big black lab, named Bear, would come to our house when his owners were gone, or not caring for him, or when he was hungry. I stuck out food for him at night, and that was probably why this new dog would not leave.

Whatever kind of home she left, she did not want to return. No one called about the advertisements I left everywhere. A neighbor, Bear’s owner, suggested I take her to the vet, and see if they recognized her, and if she was chipped? She was chipped, and through some phone calls, the owner was found. She denied owning this pretty Ausie, and said she had three other dogs, and didn’t want her.

I then found a home for Abby, that was her name. My son was heartbroken. He cried, and that meant he really loved her. He hardly ever showed emotion. I told him that if it was God’s will for us to have Abby, God would give her back. Mind you, I had just given her to this other family who lived a mile away. I took a walk with my son, hoping he would feel better. I bet you wouldn’t guess what happened. Yep! By the time we walked home, Abby was back on our driveway. She was watching us walk up to the house.

Crystal, the lady I gave her to, said that she didn’t want a dog that wouldn’t stay with her, and it looked like she wanted to stay with us instead. I guess it was God’s will?  Abby had eight puppies soon after. It was a lot of work, but very rewarding. My son was able to experience love, new life, and the crazy full life that animals bring to a home. I have lots of Abby stories. She has been a great dog!


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