Writing 101; My Own Voice

Think about an event you’ve attended and loved. Your hometown’s annual fair. That life-changing music festival. A conference that shifted your worldview. Imagine you’re told it will be cancelled forever or taken over by an evil corporate force.

How does that make you feel?

The local fair is so much fun!

Depending on which day, there are grandstand events like rodeos, demolition derbies, and motocross races.

I love the rodeo the most, but this year we went to the demolition derby event at the fair. My neighbor entered one of his cars. It was really fun to watch all the cars crashing into each other. When you know the people involved in driving the old beaters, it is even more exciting! This year, some of our local wrecking companies entered vehicles.

I love small towns where they begin events with the National Anthem. The men take off their hats, and everyone stands respectfully, facing the flag, while the Anthem is sung. Then the show begins.

What makes a person cheer when a car is demolished? I did! There were many shouts of praise, when the announcer mentioned that the U.S. army entered a car too. I was cheering for our military, but my hopes were that the man who I buy farm fresh eggs from, would win. His nick-name is “Rabbit”. His poor car gave out before the event even started. He had to wait it out, and get a wrecker to pull his car out of the arena.

A logging company entered a big black hunk of metal, and they were the big winners of the evening. They had defeated all of the other contenders.Some of the wrecking companies definitely gave them some competition. The “Army” car was demolished towards the end of the event. His car started on fire.

After all the cars left the arena, the big logs that kept the event confined, had to be removed. It was just as much fun for us to stay after the event was over, to watch the log truck with the big grapple hook take the logs off the track, and put them on the bunk of the logging truck. What precision the grapple operator had to lower the grapple hook, grab one log in the middle, and pick it up, strategically placing it in just the correct spot on the bed of the trailer.

The other things about our local fair, like the smell of the food, makes me want to keep coming back.The tantalizing smell of fried bread (elephant ears), burgers, and kettle corn, makes my mouth water!

Since I love animals, I always enjoy walking through the livestock barns. There are draft horses, donkeys, mules, and miniature horses. For cattle: Angus, Herefords, Texas Longhorns, Dexters, and Charolais. They are usually shown with their respective ribbons. The 4-H kids work so hard to enter their best sheep, pigs, rabbits, chickens, and homemade crafts.

It reminds me of the Charlotte’s Web fair. People get all excited about showing their best baking skills and quilts.

This year, a new thing was camel rides. There is always some new attraction, like allowing you to feed the baby tigers, see the bear cubs, ride the elephants, or hold an alligator. Sometimes the police department will show off their K-9 dogs. There are also Las Vegas style shows, like hypnotists and Houdinis.

It is a place for businesses to advertise their products.

The fair rides and music are a regular staple, loved by kids and adults alike. Who doesn’t love the fun house, the house of mirrors, or the Ferris Wheel? There are also the games of chance, dart throwing, tossing the ball in the bottle, picking a duck out of the water to see what you’ve won, shooting a target, and more games.

It would be such a loss if there was an end to the fair. It is a fun family event, a continued tradition that one looks forward to. It is a place where people who weren’t raised on a farm can see the animals and plants that provide their dinners. Kids can enjoy fun, and usually safe, rides, and parents can revel in the smiles of their children. I would be sorry to see it end. What would the 4-H kids have to look forward to? It is a big event, so limiting public attention to businesses, rodeos, demolition derbies, and motocross events would have a negative impact on publicity. The fair has such a variety of things all in one place, and it is a unique venture that is good for small communities. I could live without the fair, but it really is a benefit to the surrounding communities, and to the many people involved in it.

Another reason I love the fair, is that there are free things, and raffles to enter!

This year, I bought a five dollar raffle to help the Lion’s Club. I won the ’65 Mustang! It was my 50th birthday when I bought the raffle ticket, and I had my mom’s jacket with me. It was a pretty turquoise one that was the same color as the car, that I won. The Lion’s Club picked the raffle winner on Labor Day 2014. My mom passed away on September 5, 2012, and I licensed my car on September 5th, 2014. What a birthday present! Without the fair, I would have never entered the raffle.

'65 Mustang Raffle

’65 Mustang Raffle

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