Writing 101; Wet Emptiness

Writing 101:


We all have anxieties, worries, and fears. What are you scared of? Address one of your worst fears.

Today’s twist: Write this post in a style distinct from your own.

This is not a true story, but it is based on some dreams I’ve had about water. This is a writing assignment and not part of my regular devotions. I am really behind on my assignments.

    I look out the window. It is such a dreary day, and the rain is pouring down in sheets that distort my view through the glass. I put on my raincoat, and as I open the door, water comes pouring in. All I can see is water. It is covering everything. Where are my husband, son, and dogs? I am alone.
    Where do I go? I can’t stay in the house, because the water is rising. I try to find something to float on. If I can get to the barn, there is a kayak. I slosh through the deepening water towards the wooden structure.
    It is getting dark, and I start to pray. I am wondering if my family is okay? If I make it to the boat, then what?
    I make it to the barn door. As I turn the bolt and push the door open, water gushes in. The force almost throws me off my feet.  I get the kayak, open the big barn doors, while holding onto a rope attached to the kayak. I am able to get into it, and as I look around me, I have no idea where I should go?
    I wonder what items I should try to take with me, before I leave the familiar surroundings of my home. I grab a flashlight, a little food, and a pocket knife. I grab a backpack and fill it with some clothing, and I pray again.
    I start to row, but the rain is pouring so hard, and my little boat is filling with water. I am cold and wet and alone.
    Now it is dark, and I’m drifting, tired of rowing. I’m at the mercy of whatever should happen. I see nothing but water. Just water, and it is deep, and I have nowhere to go. I’m lost, and alone, and surrounded by vast wet emptiness.

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