Writing 101: Write 400 Words (Free Write)

I have barely felt like writing. The weather is changing, the leaves are falling, and the days are getting shorter. I am depressed. I don’t know why. Everything is fine. Life is fine. There is nothing specifically wrong. I guess it must be that S.A.D. syndrome. Maybe just not enough sun. After all, plants need sun for energy to live, grow, and thrive. Maybe we need light to be happy, grow, and thrive too?

This always happens about this time of year. The leaves start falling on the ground, and they are so bright, like sunlight streaming through the grass. It is so beautiful. I want to drift like the leaves that fall from the trees. Softly dropping to the ground. The last signs of life, before going dormant. I love this season. But, somehow it makes me sad.

I also eat more, and that can’t be good. My weight and emotions fluctuate. I turn the lights on in the dark house, so that it is bright inside. I read inspirational articles, listen to music. Nothing seems to make it better.

I’m thinking I should move somewhere brighter, with more sun. Have you noticed the people of Jamaica seem so happy. Their music is happy, and most of the people seem to be smiling all the time?

I took a trip to Hawaii, and the same thing. People just seemed so much happier. Is it the light? I grew up in North Dakota, and in the winter months, it was so dark and cold. Frigid is not a good enough word to describe how cold it is when the wind is blowing and the temperature drops to forty below zero! I have always been a “Northern Girl”.

Maybe it is time to go south for the winter? Of course, it could be another light that isn’t as bright as it should be. Maybe it is my relationship with the Lord? I love Him more than anything.. He is my life and my song. He is my joy.

I have struggled with so many problems in life, and have had really terrible things happen, and have found that Jesus is a friend closer than a brother. He is a help in times of trouble! He is the light in all my darkness.

I can try to get closer than I am, and feel more of His brightness. Maybe I don’t have to move south?


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