Monument to Freedom

Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong. 1 Corinthians 16:13

My son is in eleventh grade. He is home-schooled. For Literature, we read a story about the Concord Battle Monument in Massachusetts.

The monument was a memorial in the shape of an obelisk, that marked where the first shots were fired during the Revolutionary War– the War for Independence. The memorial was not erected until 1836, almost sixty years after the battle.

It is inscribed with these words:

on the 19th of April
was made
the first forcible resistance
to British aggression.
On the opposite bank
stood the American Militia.
Here stood the invading Army
and on this spot
the first of the enemy fell
in the War of that Revolution
which gave
to these United States.
In gratitude to God
in the love of Freedom
this monument
was erected
AD 1836

The monument was erected to show gratitude to God, and to remind us of our love for freedom. Courageous men and young soldiers spent their blood for our freedom. They were finally commemorated years later.

The cross was an instrument of torture and suffering during Roman Times.

It is now “a Christian monument” for us to remember what Christ has accomplished. It was inscribed with “King of the Jews”.-  the crime that Jesus was guilty of. Jesus defeated the cross of death and suffering when He rose from the grave three days later. He made salvation available to anyone who would believe on Him. Because of the courage of Jesus, we have real freedom. Freedom of the eternal soul to have communion with a Holy God!

Jesus Christ won the battle over sin and death. It was a war that made a difference for every human being. Jesus was victorious!

For Christians, the cross is a great symbol of great salvation, available to all who believe in Jesus Christ. Honor and glory and power is due Him. He is the victor of ultimate freedom!


Thank You, God, for sending Your only Son to die on a cross for me. I give You honor, glory, and praise! Help me to set up a monument in my heart to remember the courage and love of Jesus! Help me to never forget the price that You paid for my freedom. Amen!



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