In the Beginning–Lego’s?

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. Genesis 1:1

If you think about it, this first verse of the Bible is the foundation of belief and faith. We have to acknowledge that God created the universe. It is on that basic first thought that we can build on..

My son, when he was little, built with Lego’s. They inter-connect, and one can make amazing things if they have enough ‘bricks’. Sometimes, you can buy sets that have instructions on how to build a vehicle, or spaceship, or a city, etc. The kit contains all the parts needed to make a specific design.

As my son got older, he wanted more advanced Lego kits to build bigger and better things.

Then, we bought the home school version of the Lego NXT to build many electronic things that worked with Lego pieces. The NXT contained a computer ‘brick’ that allowed for the Lego creations to move through computer programming.

My son built a small Ferris wheel that turned continuously, a machine gun that fired Lego pieces, an electronic arm that could grab things, and much more.

It all started with the basic Lego’s.

As he gained knowledge about Lego’s, he found it did not work well to mix any other type of generic Lego products as they didn’t make a good connection. Sometimes, he found he didn’t have enough pieces to build what he wanted. He also found that the kits didn’t leave a lot of room to deviate from the design.

With the NXT, some of the designs were too advanced, and he needed more directions, and had to research how other people made things to figure it out.

One can learn a lot from Lego’s. One can learn even more from the basics of the Bible. We should stick to the plan, and create the design intended by our Creator.– With original pieces and the right plan, extraordinary things can be made!

Thank You, God for the Bible, the wonderful instruction book that helps us understand You, love You, and know You. Build a most Holy faith in me. Like the people who are mentioned in the Bible, I have done wrong, but I know You are merciful and have forgiven me through Jesus. I do love You and acknowledge You. Please direct my paths, and keep me from evil. Amen.



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