Many are the Plans in a Man’s Heart:

Proverbs 19:21  Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but the Lord’s purpose will prevail.

(This story was in the German news(Spiegel), and it was appalling that Auschwitz would be revisited for this purpose.)

Students of Death: Euthanasia Doctors Seek Existential Answers at Auschwitz

I was so sad to read this article.

It was about a group of assisted suicide doctors, from Belgium, who visited Auschwitz concentration camp to learn about death.

There was a phrase that was tossed around by some of these physicians–‘death with dignity’.

What about life with dignity?

To love someone enough to care for them, even when they are sick, is more admirable than killing them. It is a tremendous blessing for someone to be able to care for a loved one.

I realize that pain is terrible with some diseases. I have a neighbor who is in a lot of pain due to arthritis. There are days when he says he wishes he were dead. I feel sorry for him, but I know he is grateful to wake up, see the birds singing, drive to the local hang-out for coffee, and live one more day.

If someone is only able to sit or lay down, then it is a blessing to that person, that we should pray for them, and care for them. Perhaps God will heal them?

These are our fellow human beings made in the image of God. Maybe God is using their weakness to display His strength, or to teach us mercy, love, or how to care for someone–to have compassion?

Belgium recently approved assisted suicide for disabled children.

It is not dignified for any country to put to death the weak or the disabled.

I am not sure how one could address this issue, but we should pray for God to block evil plans, and for God’s purpose to prevail.

Dear Lord, I am appalled at this news. You came to save, to heal, to help make lives better. Sometimes people have a hard road to take in life. Those tough times help us find Your strength. In our weakness, we find Your power. Trials bring us closer to You. I pray for the children and people of Belgium to turn to You for answers, for help, and for guidance, to live Godly lives. Thank You! Amen.


The attitude that comes from selfishness leads to death, but the attitude that comes from the Spirit leads to life and peace. Romans 8:6


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