Look for the Miracles

I read an article in our local newspaper, Shoshone News Press. It was in a special section created by their advertising department. The article was titled, “Believe in Miracles’, by Sheree DiBiase, PT.

Here is an excerpt:

    As you start this crazy, wild holiday season, I would challenge you to look for the miracles all around you everyday. I know sometimes it doesn’t seem possible or probable, but I am here to tell you they happen. We see them in our clinic all the time. Like the man whose lower leg was shattered and they said he would never use it again, and now he climbs ladders with no brace and works like a wild man. Like the lady whose family thought she would never wake up after having a terrible stroke, and now the snowshoes and hikes with her family. Like the teenager who blew out his knee and they said you will never pitch again, and he does. Never doubt the human spirit, never stop believing in the physical healing available for your health issues, and never, ever give up on the amazing gift of your life. Watch for the miracles this holiday in the hustle and the bustle, little and big, you will be amazed.

This article was written by a physical therapist who recognized miracles in her clinic — the healing events that would seem impossible..

I am reminded of a Bible story about a healing that Jesus did.

Jesus healed a woman who spent all that she had on doctors, trying to get well.. She had faith that the impossible could happen, perhaps if she could just touch that piece of garment that Jesus was wearing?

There were so many in the crowd, trying to get close to Jesus, and when she finally was able to touch Him, she was healed instantly.

Jesus felt the healing power leave His body, and asked who touched His garment?

Everyone denied touching Jesus, and Peter told the Lord that it must have been the crowd pressing against Him.

Jesus said that He knew power went out from Him.

Then, the woman, when she saw that the event would not go unnoticed, she trembled and fell at the feet of Jesus. In the presence of everyone, she told why she needed healing, and that how after touching Jesus, she was immediately healed.

Jesus called her ‘Daughter’, and told her to go in peace, and that her faith had healed her. (Luke 8:42-47)

Thank You, Jesus, for Your healing power, and willingness to help us in all our infirmities and diseases! You are Holy and Wonderful! Help us to see with spiritual eyes, and help us not to miss the many miracles that still happen today. Help those who have experienced Your healing power to proclaim it to the world. Amen.



2 thoughts on “Look for the Miracles

  1. Thanks for posting this. We often just attribute God’s healings to luck or a persevering spirit, but John 15:5 says we can’t do anything apart from Jesus’s power. All praise, honor and glory belong to Him. Yep, He still does miracles.

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