Freely Sharing the Gospel:


I would like to thank WordPress for allowing me to post my thoughts freely.

I mean ‘freely’ without cost, but also freely without censoring them.

I am starting to see a world that wants to restrict religion, and many sites have become unfriendly to those who wish to publish articles that are of religious nature.

These devotions that I post publicly are really helping me to put God’s Word in my heart. Being able to share that experience is a plus. After all, part of being a Christian is to confess our faith. 2 Cor. 9:13 …. others will praise God for the obedience that accompanies your confession of the gospel of Christ, and for your generosity in sharing with them and with everyone else.

These words of the gospel are a blessing to the one who shares and to the one who is shared with. It is my intent to put God’s Word in my heart, and to help others grow in their faith too.

Faith is a journey, a daily walk.

It does help to write, type, speak, and actively express the gospel.

I think of the story of the talents about how a rich man who was very shrewd gave some of his servants money to keep for him. Then he went away for a long time. One servant hid the money and did nothing with it. Although he returned it to his master when he finally came back, the master was not happy with him. He rewarded the servants who returned his money and had made more with it, but this servant who only returned the original amount, he called ‘slothful’, and told him he should have at least given it to the ‘exchangers’ so that when he returned, he would have gotten back his money with interest. This story is told in Matthew 25. It is a parable of Jesus.

God has given us some very valuable gifts on earth–faith, love, knowledge of salvation, hope, and more.

When we are given something so valuable as the testimony of Jesus Christ, how can we hide it? It is life to those who are dead! It is the healing balm to those who are in pain, and it is so valuable that one would give up this physical life to have the knowledge of salvation and gift of eternal life!

Thank you WordPress for letting me share this great gift and impress the gospel message on my own heart and mind through the process of writing.

Dear Jesus, I am ever so grateful for Your gift of salvation, love, mercy, forgiveness, and life! Thank you for allowing me to share it!



2 thoughts on “Freely Sharing the Gospel:

    • I agree! I so enjoy reading your posts, and am blessed to be encouraged by so many other WordPress Blogs! Have a fantastic 2015, and I will look forward to reading more of your inspirational articles!


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