Go Forth in Courage, Strength, and Wisdom– Be Fearless!

2 Timothy 1:7

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

Sakakawea Statue in The National Statuary Hall, United States Capitol

Sakakawea Statue, The Shoshone Bird Woman, at Bismarck, North Dakota.

I can think of a lot of people who would have been greatly encouraged by this verse. I wonder if Sakakawea was motivated by these words? She was a Christian too, and what courage she had!

I was doing some research when I came across a book that I didn’t know existed. I had read stories of Lewis and Clark, but I don’t think any of the non-fiction books were as detailed as this one:   “Early History of North Dakota: Essential Outlines of American History”. You can find a copy here.

On page 73,

Captain Clark thus describes her characteristics– She was very observant She had a good memory remembering localities not seen since her childhood In trouble she was full of resource plucky and determinedWith her helpless infant she rode with the men guiding us unerringly through mountain fastnesses and lonely passes Intelligent cheerful resourceful tireless faithful she inspired us all Thus it is always with the good woman encouraging man to dare and to do At his side at birth in sickness and in death helping and encouraging in hours of distress and peril first at the cross and last at the tomb. The influence of the Bird Woman on her tribe gave a wonderful impetus to the uplifting of the Shoshones from the day she greeted her brother Camehawait a chief at the head of the Snake Indians who visited the camp of Lewis and Clark on the plains of Montana Sakakawea was the true guide who remained with them to the end.

This woman who guided men, helped them when they were sick, inspired them, encouraged them was amazing! Also, she was beautiful, intelligent, cheerful, resourceful, tireless, and faithful! — What a woman!!!!

Page 73, also reveals that Sakakawea was taken from her people at age 11, by the Missouri River Indians in a battle. She was a Shoshone woman who sang beautifully. She was attractive and good-natured. It is thought that she was the first Christian Indian convert west of the Missouri River at that time.

The Shoshone’s called her, ‘Sacajawea’, and the Mandan’s called her, ‘Sakakawea’.

Although she didn’t acquire riches, and she died without many people by her side, she is still thought of and admired to this day for her acts of kindness and heroism.

There are many statues that honor her, and many historians refer to her with great admiration. Lake Sakakawea is named for her in North Dakota.

Her acts of kindness toward the Lewis and Clark party, towards her husband and child, towards her people, were very admirable. She also adopted her sister’s son immediately upon hearing of her sister’s death. She was a lady of faith in action!

In this verse in Second Timothy, we can be fearless too, and go forward in strength, in power, and with a sound mind, if we fix our eyes on Christ!

Dear Lord, I have heard the story of this brave woman many times, because I grew up in North Dakota. She is such an inspirational woman, even to this day. I pray that You would help me to continue daily to walk in Your ways in power, strength, and with a sound mind. I pray for Your power and strength and wisdom. Help me to be fearless for You. In Your Name, Amen.



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