A Woman Who Listened to God:

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. Philippians 4:13

If you read articles from the Christian Post, you might have read “Haiti’s ‘Voodoo Mountain’ Transformed After God Compels US Woman to Drop Everything and Move to Impoverished Country

You can read it here: http://www.christianpost.com/news/haitis-voodoo-mountain-transformed-after-god-compels-us-woman-to-drop-everything-and-move-to-impoverished-country-132977/

It is an amazing article about an amazing woman!

Megan Boudreaux heard God calling her to go to Haiti, and that she did! She is a modern day example of faith in action!

From the article:

Megan Boudreaux had visited Haiti before on short-term business and missions trips, but never did she imagine that God would call her to permanently abandon a comfortable life in the U.S. for a bare-bones one in a third-world country plagued by poverty and child slavery and that was just starting to climb its way out of a devastating earthquake.

Through serving God, and the people of Haitti, she founded “Respire Haiti”. http://respirehaiti.org/

Boudreaux eventually founded Respire Haiti, initially started to help empower Haiti’s estimated 300,000 child slaves and get them an education. Through feeding programs, a school, and a medical clinic, Respire Haiti‘s mission has come to encompass its entire community in Gressier. Not only are 500 school children educated every year at Respire Haiti, but the nonprofit employs more than a hundred locals.

If you would like to know more about her life, and how she has helped bring the gospel to Haiti, you might want to find and read a copy of her book, http://www.amazon.com/Miracle-Voodoo-Mountain-Remarkable-Darkness/dp/0529110946, or try your local library.

One thing that stands out to me is how she handles spiritual battles, or rather lets God handle her spiritual battles:

“During my time in Haiti, I have experienced many different encounters with evil, including walking and interrupting full-blown voodoo ceremonies on Bellevue Mountain confronting and fighting child trafficking, and battling the abusive restavek situation,” she writes in Miracle on Voodoo Mountain. “Prayer and worship are my secret weapons, whether dealing with a voodoo priest, a corrupt pastor running a sham orphanage, or a servant of the head horseman. I am learning to let God fight my battles.”

Prayer and worship, and God fighting our battles, are the best tactics of any war we face!

Thank you, God, for people like Megan, who inspire me as a Christian to want to serve You! Great things are still being accomplished in Your Name. I do not know Megan, but I know the same God she does, the One who gives us strength for every work You’ve called us to do. Help us to know Your desire for us, that we would please You in every good work. I pray for Megan, that You will encourage her heart, and bless her with the strength she needs to continue to serve You. I pray for the children and people of Haiti, that You will be with them, and help them to know You, and that they would find salvation through Jesus Christ. Amen.



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