A Mountain Experience in Prayer:


Isn’t that good advice, to lift up your holy hands and pray without anger or doubt?

I took this picture in the Panhandle National Forest, St. Joe area, and if you look closely, there is a deer running through the meadow.

I would take my dog for a walk in the early morning,, when I worked as a fire lookout. I saw amazing things, giving me many reasons to lift up my hands, and praise God.

One morning, my little Australian Shepherd, Abby, looked under a pine tree at two tufts of brown hair sticking up. She turned her head as though she was confused about what she was seeing. I heard a loud scream, and instantly knew it was a mountain lion. It leaped at my dog! My feet felt as though they were stuck in concrete. I couldn’t move!

I had a flannel shirt that I had taken off, and I used it to wave in the air, and I yelled back at the cougar, “No!”

I didn’t want my dog to get hurt. Abby was running past me, and the cougar was maybe twenty feet away from me, when it stopped and looked and growled. It had beautiful green eyes! But somehow, I wasn’t afraid, and I kept my stance and authoritative voice, and again said, “No!” It wasn’t happy, but turned and walked away.

Wow! I couldn’t believe what happened when it was all over. It still is so hard to believe. No one was on the mountain, but Abby and me, and that lion—and God!!! I know He must have been with us. Cougars have been known to attack dogs and people. They have also been known to be shy. I would think that because the chase was in progress, that we were exceptionally blessed to have not been hurt.

That was a day for praise, and thanking to God, and there was no anger or doubt in my prayer of thanks!

Dear Lord, You have given me so many reasons to thank You and praise You, and lift my hands up to You to worship You! This incident will always be remembered, and I will always be grateful for Your intervention in giving me the ability to stand firm, with courage from You, to face this lion, and speak with authority. Normally, my desire would be to ‘turn face and run’! Abby was grateful for Your intervention too! You are my strength and song! My refuge in times of trouble! Amen.



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