Day Three, Writing 201; Poetry Assignment

Trust, Acrostic, Internal Rhyme: Writing 201;Poetry, Day 3 Assignment:

So far, this was my hardest assignment in Poetry, I had a hard time with the word ‘Trust’. In thinking about that word, my trust lies only in God. I don’t know of anyone I would completely trust besides Him. He hasn’t let me down. (I don’t know if I want to push the ‘publish’ button on this poem?)

Heavenly Trusting in God:

He provides everything that I need.

Each day, His voice I heed,

All my sins I will confess,

Validating my eagerness for His forgiveness.

Every morning, His mercies are new,

Nothing is impossible for God to do!

Let my soul be happy and true,

Yearning and learning of God, and trusting Him too!


4 thoughts on “Day Three, Writing 201; Poetry Assignment

    • Thank you, Muzzy. I never doubt in God’s Word. However, like Moses and Jeremiah, I am not confident in how I say things. I will have to ‘trust’ the Lord much more about that — A lesson I am learning.

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