Writing 201: Poetry Day 4

Becky was my best friend for almost two years. She was a thirty-year-old quarter-horse mare that a neighbor gave us about thirteen years ago.

I thought Becky would be a great companion for my niece and my son to ride, but she ended up to be my therapy instead. I am so glad she was with us for a while.

Our assignment was to write about an animal, using concrete poetry, and ‘enjambment’, which is all new to me.

I used the ‘Paint’ program to put the text almost where I wanted it. It was my first attempt at doing that. I modified this draft a little, so I think I’m ready to publish it. It isn’t easy, but it was fun to try.



15 thoughts on “Writing 201: Poetry Day 4

    • It was kind of fun to use my ‘Paint’ program to do this. I read some children’s sites on how to draw a shape first, and then add words, and then erase the original, to design a concrete poem. Sounds like you had a great time in typing class!


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