BLACKY Day 5, Writing 201:Poetry

This assignment is to write about fog, using the elegy form of poetry, and a metaphor.

I have revised it several times. and still am not quite satisfied with the flow. It turned out to be free-style. Hopefully it is still an elegy?

Blacky, My Angel Dog:

We rescued Blacky from a Shelter.
I thought her brain was out of kilter!
Not much older than a pup,
All my energy was soon used up!
She was digging holes, escaping, running free,
This was not going to be very easy!
Later, she entered a different life-stage,
Blacky turned a brand new page.
She now stayed right by my side.
A faithful friend, so dignified.
I worked in a forest out west,
Blacky came with me; I was blessed!
One day, thick Fog rolled in on her and me.
We walked through opaque serenity,
A strange image appeared nearby,
Blacky barked; I wondered why?
There was a snort, a stomp, a big black bear!
It stared at us, while we stood there!
With a growl, It quickly moved along,
Over the side of the hill, the bear was gone.
Squirrels would often poke fun at her —
Slyly taking her food, they would chatter.
She loved to play in the water and swim.
Then, she’d shake off, and get wet all over again.
I was away when Blacky had a stroke,
Upon hearing the news, my heart nearly broke.
Blacky, my companion, my angel dog was gone.
Memories of her will always linger on.
If angel dogs go to heaven, she’s there now.
I hope to see her again, some way, somehow!



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