Casting Cares:

1 Peter 5:7   

Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.

Roy Lessin wrote about this verse in his devotional on

Roy makes the point that God wants us to give Him everything that troubles us. When we release our minds from the work of ‘doing things in our own power’ we are rewarded with peace.

Here is an excerpt of his article:

As you walk in peace, God will also keep you from stumbling in your walk (Psalm 56:13). However, you will stumble if you are not fully trusting God. When your faith is not resting in God’s care, your mind will begin working out solutions and answers to your concerns. Once you have placed the burden back upon yourself you have walked away from peace

I gave God many of my problems, only to take them back so I could deal with them.When I did that, I did not have peace.

There are many things that I cannot fix in my past. There is nothing I can do about mistakes and failures. There are things that I cared deeply about, and they have caused me guilt, worry, and feelings of hopelessness. Those feelings were harmful. They caused me to put up walls, made me bitter, sick to my stomach, and left me in turmoil. That is not a picture of peace!

I am still learning to cast my cares on Him, because He cares for me. All the world’s advice tells us that we are responsible for our own actions. There are some things way too big for me to handle. What if we can’t fix ‘it’. Should we hopelessly give up?

The answer amazingly is ‘yes’. Just like casting a big fishing net, we need to throw all that garbage out, and God will take care of it, because He love us.

If there are things you can fix in your own power, and work through to a good finish, I wish you the best.

However, I cannot fix the past I’ve broken, and God gave me the ability to “cast” all my cares on Him. I will do it! I must do it! I desire peace, and God’s will.

I can’t fill up the new wine skin, with all that old wine. I need newness, and a place to put it.  God has what I need.

Thank You, God, that I can depend on You to take care of me. I know You love me. You’ve shown it in such extreme ways. You’ve got my attention! Here are all my cares, help me, fix the brokenness, and give me Your peace! Let Your will be done! In Jesus’s name, Amen.


PS: I think of Peter writing this as a fisherman. He cast His nets with force, with precision, with purpose. I have a vision of casting those cares with the same determination as Peter cast his nets–throwing my cares to God, with the purpose of catching peace.


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