Day 9, Writing 201:Poetry

The lesson is to write a ‘FOUND’ poem, of scraps of words that are found in print, and make a collage, writing a poem about landscape, using enumeration.

Path and Rock are mentioned in my poem, and might be acceptable for landscape, but I had fun with the words, and this is what it says:


Look UP

Things are going well,

Consider something better.

Seek a new destination.

Arise! Embrace! Discover! Endure!

Obtain strength,

Appreciate the Path,

Following my Companion’s Celestial Shoes,

Because Greater Faith

Changed my Heart:



Upon the Rock!

Found Poem

Following my Companion’s Celestial Shoes, I thought of following the footsteps of the Lord, Jesus, who is my constant companion and my rock. He ‘encircles me with His love.


4 thoughts on “Day 9, Writing 201:Poetry

  1. Reblogged this on Wonders At My Window and commented:
    Strong as a Rock
    When I first read this assignment, I figured I’d just pass on it. Not my “cup of tea” using others’ words and poetry. Until I read Dawn’s poem. I like how she arranged the words to form a strong, tall, Rock! Very cool!


    • That was so kind of you to reblog this ‘found’ poem. I had a religious magazine, and just cut out the words that caught my eye. When I pieced it together, I thought it was kind of encouraging.

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