Lesson 10, Writing 201:Poetry

This is the last lesson of Writing 201: Poetry, so sad! It has been fun to learn new kinds of poetry devices, and to read so many wonderful blogs. I got to read some great poems from very inspiring and encouraging writers! It was fun to meet some new WordPress friends. Thanks to WordPress for the instruction and lessons!

This lesson was to write a Sonnet about the future, using Chiasmus. You can read about the assignment here: https://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_assignment/writing-201-future/


My Future in a New Kingdom:

The sky rolled up like an ancient scroll,

Brilliant light shone bright, and darkness hid,

The Son of God was seen by every soul,

And people were judged by what they did.

Some gained eternal life with God in Heaven

Receiving mercy, love, and peace unknown,

Many by His grace, their sins forgiven,

With Him, they’ll never have to walk alone.

With God, there’s no more crying, no more fears,

And all earth’s former things have passed away,

Each day is like a thousand years,

Again, a thousand years are like a day!

At last, my future with the Lord’s been sealed,

Behold! Heaven’s salvation has been revealed!


9 thoughts on “Lesson 10, Writing 201:Poetry

  1. Very visual in the first two lines which draws one in and leaves one longing for heaven.The Hope we keep pressing on for the day we bow before the Throne of our Abba Father. I love your Sonnet! God Bless Dear One!


    • When asked to write a poem about the future, all I could think about was being with the Lord some day. I love reading your posts. I find such encouragement in your words. May God Bless You, too!


  2. I love your sonnet. You can write a good poem if you really feel what you are writing, like this one. Well, poetry class is over and i feel sad but i continue to search my daily mails expecting for more daily tasks. I’m waiting for Day 11 prompt…..lol.

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