Know Where to Go For Help:

In Psalm 69, David starts by asking God to save him. David feels as though he is drowning, sinking in deep mire, where he cannot even stand. It is as though deep waters are flowing over him. He is weary from crying, his throat is dry, his eyes fail, while he waits for God.

People hate him  without a cause, they are so numerous, more than the hairs on his head. They are mighty and want to destroy David. These mighty men want David to give them something he never took from them.

He feels like a stranger, an alien, and there is no one to help him. He is full of shame and reproach.

He has fasted, wept, and prayed.

Towards the end of this Psalm, David asks God to let His salvation set him on high, even though David is poor and sorrowful.

David says that he will praise God with songs and magnify Him with thanksgiving.

He knows the Lord hears the poor and despises not his prisoners.

The Psalmist’s heart must be singing when he says, “Let the heaven and earth praise Him, the seas, and every thing that moveth therein. For God will save Zion, and build the cities of Judah…

David is not hopeless, because he knows that God builds, God saves, God hears, God raises the lowly,poor, and sorrowful, even the foolish. God is a God of action and help. When David is sinking in the deep waters of the problems of life, he knows that he needs to go to God, who will lift him up and help him.

Dear God, thank You for being active in our lives. Like David, help us know that if we wait on You, You will lift us up and help us. I pray that You would help us not to lose hope. Like David, let us praise and magnify You, and help us to know that You will save us and build us up, that You will set us on high, above the waters that overflow us. In Jesus’s Name, Amen.



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