A Little Boy’s Story:

canada mountain

I came across this poem on http://www.onlythebible.com.  It was such a great analogy of how we handle our problems.

A Little Boy’s Story

A boy sat down, he looked so sad

his toy had gone apart
He tried to fix it, but too bad! –
he just wasn’t that smart.

“Oh Father, help me!” was his cry,
“please fix this toy for me!”
“My pleasure, son”, the quick reply
as he came close to see.

The boy bowed down and tried anew,
each time with greater zeal
But as the night drew close he knew
his failure was too real.

He then looked up and cried again;
“My Father! Don’t you care?
You told me you would help me
but your hand was never there!”

“My precious son”, the father said,
as he in love bowed down,
“I waited here all afternoon
while you tried on your own –

I could not fix your toy, you see,
cause you did not let go,
but give me please each broken part,
and I will fix it now!”

And so the story ended
with a happy little boy
who finally gave all to dad
who fixed his broken toy.

Have you a broken story,
or a broken bleeding heart –
something that is too hard to fix
a dream that broke apart? –

Then give it to your Father –
your loving Friend above
Just leave it all in His big hands
and trust a Father’s love.

– by Stine gro Struksnaes

Dear God, so many of us hold on to brokenness. Help us to give you our problems, worries, and cares. You are big enough, strong enough, and wise enough to take care of it all. In the precious name of Jesus, Amen.


Photo courtesy of my son, Dan, and his mission trip to Canada, last year.


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