Freedom and Life in Christ:


        As you know, it was because of an illness that I first preached the gospel to you, (Galatians 4:13)

Paul, when he was ill, was welcomed by the Galatians. They were eager to hear about salvation. Paul says that the Galatians loved him, and they would have given him anything, if he had asked.

Later, eloquent men tried to persuade the Galatians to follow the laws of the Jewish people.

Paul wanted the Galatians to know that they were free in Christ, and were no longer under the law of slavery.

He gave the figurative example of Hagar and Sarah.

One woman had a child, born of flesh, and he was born into the slavery of sin. Hagar represented Jerusalem with all its laws and religion.

The other child was born of Sarah, and was born of the divine will of God. He was born into freedom. He was born from above, — the new Jerusalem from heaven.

As Christians, we are children of a divine promise. We are born, not of flesh, but by the will of God.

In Christ, we have freedom, liberty, and everlasting life. We have forgiveness of sins, and the power of God in us.

Dear God, thank you for this great gift of salvation. None of us can follow the law without sinning. You gave the ultimate sacrifice for our sins, –Your precious Son. Then, You raised Him up in power and glory and honor. Just because we believe in Jesus, You allowed us to be Your dear children, heirs with Christ. That is such amazing grace! I gladly accept the freedom that You offer through Christ. Help me to not be deceived by false teaching and false religion. Thank You! Amen.



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