Continued: Secret Shopping


Continuing from yesterday’s post, if a secret shopper would evaluate my service to Christ, I could do much better at several things:

My Name Tag

I still revert to a broken life, instead of being the conqueror that God made me through Christ.

I re-hash old painful memories. I think of myself in the terms of my past,- the person I used to be.

Those thoughts can be big set-backs, and keep me from living a victorious life in Christ.

My old ‘name tag’ said I was unforgiven, unloved, and broken. I am wearing a new name tag, one that says,”I am a child of God”. I have been redeemed at a great price, by the King of Kings!

I need to start living like I am forgiven, loved, cherished, and restored.

My Service to God

Next, instead of allowing God to use my past mistakes, I keep punishing myself for them.

I need to stop doing that. — Jesus took my punishment on the cross. He was wounded for my transgressions. The price for my sins has been ‘paid in full’.

Instead of running away from the crowds, afraid of the insults and persecution, I need to run to them, and serve them with the knowledge and saving Grace of God.

My Uniform

Instead of wearing the full armor of God, some of my soul has been exposed with weakness. I was allowing painful circumstances to hurt me. I’ve allowed the enemy a foothold in my weakness. The devil knows our weakest moments, and uses those times when we are tired, sorrowful, lonely, angry, and hurt, to test our faith and patience. We need the armor of God, His Salvation, Faith, Truth, Righteousness, and Peace. Those things that God freely gave me are my defense and strength against the enemy.

My Focus

The world is a ‘noisy’ place. People are trying to tell us all kinds of things. My focus needs to be totally on Christ. I cannot be distracted by events and bad news. God is in control of this world. I need my attention to be on Him. I need to take my cares, worries, and concerns to Him. He knows how to handle everything.

Examining my Christian walk is a good thing. There are things I can do better. Maybe by seeing ‘the planks in my own eye’, I can help others, too?

Dear God, I know that nothing can separate me from Your love. You have paid a dear price for my forgiveness and restoration. Help me to put aside the old things, and grab on to the new things that will help me to grow in my faith and love for You. Instead of the brokenness, I pray that You would help me to live victorious! In the name of Jesus, amen.



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