Father God:


I had this verse on my mind when I woke up this morning.

I needed to put these words in my heart. Then, when I read a devotional by Billy Graham, it encouraged me too.

Billy Graham wrote about how we are God’s children. As Christians, we are heirs with Christ.

We can approach God boldly, as a child approaches his parents boldly with requests. God wants to meet our needs and provide for us.

We can ask Him for His help, His provision, His love, and He is willing to give it to us.

A good and loving parent knows his child’s needs, and knows how to instill good character, morality, honor, and love in that child. He knows how to show by example how his child should live. He knows how to build his child up. He would give even his life for his child.

God’s love lifted me up from a pit. He restored my soul. He loved me when I was unworthy. He healed me, protected me, and forgave me of many sins.

I love God. I hope that if you are hurting, and in need of a friend, a guide, a protector, a Savior, that you would go to God in prayer with all your requests. Make them known to your Heavenly Father. He has the resources and the help we need. He knows what is best for us, and is willing to help us.

Oh God, that we are able to call You ‘our Father’ is such a comfort and blessing. Some of us do not have good and loving fathers, but You are the image of what a loving Father is.Through the Bible, there are many stories of Your help, salvation, love, and provision to Your people. You will never leave us or forsake us. We can count on You. Thank You for showing us that You love us, even while we were yet sinners. In the name of Your Son, Jesus, Amen.



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