Virtues Contrasted With Vices:

love with action

I have an old King James Bible. At the top of each page is a short phrase that is a summary of what topic is covered. Above Proverbs 10, is the phrase, “Virtues Contrasted With Vices” . Here are a few:

Proverbs 10 Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)

Solomon’s Proverbs

10 These are the proverbs of Solomon:

A wise son makes his father happy; a foolish one makes his mother sad.

Wealth gained by doing wrong will not really help you, but doing right will save you from death.

The Lord takes care of good people and gives them the food they need, but he keeps the wicked from getting what they want.

Lazy hands will make you poor; hard-working hands will make you rich.

A son who works hard while it is harvest time will be successful, but one who sleeps through the harvest is worthless.

People say good things about those who live right, but the words of the wicked only hide their violent plans.

Good people leave memories that bless us, but the wicked are soon forgotten.

The wise accept instruction, but fools argue and bring trouble on themselves.

Honest people can always feel secure, but lying cheaters will be caught.

10 If you fail to speak the truth, trouble will follow. If you speak openly, peace will come.[a]

Solomon, with the wisdom God gave him, communicates to us how we are blessed for doing the right thing.

Then, He tells us what will happen when we act unjustly, lazy, wickedly, and with evil intent. Those unjust actions are met with harsh rewards, like destruction, a short life, broken dreams, and loss of value.

Our actions are important. They affect other people and ourselves. As Christians, we want to make a difference for good.

Dear God, I pray for wisdom, like Solomon, that I might know how to live the right way, in a way that pleases You, and brings You glory. I pray for workers for the harvest. Fill me with Your Holy Spirit, with Your Power, and protect me from the evil one. In Jesus’s Name, Amen.


Photo from Dr. Johnson Cherrian’s collection of free Christian Graphics.


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