Tangled in Sin:

caught in sin

 Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord,

Acts 3:19

Can you imagine what fun this cat had playing with the ball of yarn?

That is like sin and us. We think it is pleasurable, until we find that we are wrapped up in guilt, remorse, sorrow, and a tangled web of terrible emotions.

The verse in Acts tells us to repent, turn to God, so that our sins might be wiped out, and times of refreshing might come from the Lord.

He truly does restore people. He even forgives the guilt of our sins! If you are struggling with your past sins, God is willing to ‘wipe them out’. You can ask Him for a new life, and to make you a new creature in Christ, and He is willing. He has the power to do it!

Dear God, there are many sinners that want to turn from their sins and be made new. I pray that they would find comfort in knowing that You are the One who will erase, wipe out, and completely forget, and forgive our sins, because of what Jesus did. I pray for Your intervention and presence and help in the lives of those men and women who want to be forgiven and changed. May they repent and find Your great, merciful forgiveness. May they be restored and renewed by Your grace, just as You have forgiven me, and made me whole. In the Precious Name of Jesus, Amen.


Photo from the collection of Dr Johnson Cherian


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