Jesus Came to Call Sinners to Repentance:


For many who do not know me, I am a ‘redeemed’ sinner. I was reclaimed from the ‘trash heap’. What I and other people thought as ‘junk’, somehow God saw ‘treasure’. He polished me off and cherished me, enough for His own Son to die for me.

I did many things I am ashamed of. I found that I needed saving. My sins brought me to ‘the pit of despair’. Jesus offered me grace, mercy, forgiveness, hope, love, and faith.

I took it gladly, and I hold on tight to it, because I have seen the value of redemption.

It is like winning the lottery. I was dead in my sins, and found Christ, who made me eternally and spiritually alive!

Jesus came for sinners, but He didn’t want us to remain in our sins. He raises us up, out of the grave, where sin had put us, and calls us to a new life in Him. It is a privilege to follow Christ, to let Him lead me, guide me, and walk beside me.

I hope that if you desire a Savior, a friend closer than a brother, and a help in times of trouble, that you will grab hold of Jesus, and experience the power that raises the dead to life!

Dear God, thank You that Jesus had the power to redeem me from my sins. Thank You, that You sent ‘Hope’ into the world, along with ‘Healing’, ‘Forgiveness’, ‘Mercy’, ‘Grace’, and ‘Ultimate Love’. I give You honor, praise, and glory. Help me to stand firm in Your mighty power, to not be deceived. Help me to put on the armor of God, daily, and put Your Word in my heart, that I might not sin against You. I pray that sinners would repent and find Your forgiveness, turn from wickedness, and be healed. Send workers for the harvest! In the Name of Jesus, Amen.



6 thoughts on “Jesus Came to Call Sinners to Repentance:

    • Thank you for the prayer, Rebecca. If only everyone could experience God’s amazing grace! Blessings to you, and hope you have a happy Independence Day!


  1. Yes Lord Jesus. You call us into new life. To shed our rags (sin) and adorn ourselves with robes (of righteousness ). Help us to walk your Way. The Way of holiness, the Way of the Cross. Amen. Ditto Dawn – I too am a redeemed sinner. Blessings as you go – Reuben

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