Our Advantage. The Other Helper. 

Victoria (wekeepitkingdom.wordpress.com) has written a wonderful article on the Holy Spirit.
In the article she declares, “Right there I began to feel needy, poor and desperate, knowing that I needed the Holy Spirit, He is my portion and I was not to neglect or minimize Him but take Him as He is and enjoy the advantage that Christ left me with.”
Let us recognize the worth of the Holy Spirit in our Christian life, and understand how beneficial He is to us, so that we can have a vibrant, powerful, on-fire, close relationship with the LORD!
Thanks Victoria!


4 thoughts on “Our Advantage. The Other Helper. 

  1. I am truly humbled. We have forgotten or minimized the Holy Spirit in today’s church. I have been praying for a revival! The Holy Spirit is the one who started the church & we must allow Him to take His spot back.

    Join me in this prayer and fight for a revival. The Spirit of the Lord is a wonderful person who is called to minister to the Church, the body, the disciples.. & it all starts with intimacy.
    May God richly bless you!

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    • Victoria, where things are impossible for man, they are possible with God! I will be praying for that revival, and for the hearts of men to turn to God, for people to repent, and be saved! I pray for workers for the harvest. May God richly bless you, too, and strengthen and encourage you daily!


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